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Sniper Skin Featured on CHCH Morning Live

Sniper Skin had the opportunity to be a featured segment on CHCH Morning Live. Reaching 90% of Ontario, with over 4.1 million viewers across Canada, CHCH is the preferred news station in the Hamilton-Niagara region. Lee Wright, the inventor of Sniper Skin discussed how the product can protect your hockey gear in a way that tape can't with news personality Tim Bolen. Want to see the full segment? Watch it below!

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The evolution of hockey equipment is quite substantial and expensive when talking about certain items like sticks. As any hockey parents knows the price is extraordinary and when Lee Wright, who is from Dundas, noticed his son’s sticks wouldn’t last long because the hockey tape couldn’t stand the wear and tear he decided to do something about it. He invented Sniper Skin, which eliminates tape altogether.




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