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Introducing The Griptomizer! Design Your Own Sports Grip!

Introducing the GRIPtomizer!
Got a wild idea you'd like to see on your grip?
Create your own custom grip design using our griptomizer tool.
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Sniper Skin Collaborates With Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave to Bring you The Beer League Grips

Sniper Skin is proud to collaborate with The Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave.  The Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave is a hockey enthusiast’s dream. Kenn, the owner, has created an oasis that celebrates everything hockey. You’ll find many of his handmade creations from furniture, helmet lights and of course, the world’s largest goalie stick. Recently featured on Netflix, you have to see more of the Ultimate Hockey Fan Cave on Amazing Interiors, episode 4.

The beer league grip


Hockey Tournament Weekend Survival Guide 2018

Hockey tournaments are a big deal to hockey families. Unfortunately, veteran and newbie hockey families alike fall victim to the miseries of the hockey tournament weekend: forgotten equipment, scrambling for meals, getting lost on the way to the rink… just a few of the hockey tournament misfortunes that can befall the hopefully happy hockey tournament family. We've developed the ultimate guide to hockey tournament essentials. Read more...


Sniper Skin Featured on CHCH Morning Live

Sniper Skin was a featured segment on CHCH Morning Live. Reaching 90% of Ontario, with over 4.1 million viewers across Canada, CHCH is the preferred news station in the Hamilton-Niagara region. Lee Wright, the inventor of Sniper Skin discussed how the product can protect your hockey gear in a way that tape can't with news personality Tim Bolen.