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Hamilton's leading sports companies team up for sales & distribution across Canada and U.S

Hamilton’s leading sports companies team up for sales & distribution across Canada and U.S.

Hamilton, Canada- November 6, 2018 - Sniper Skin has partnered with Fox 40 International Inc. to distribute Sniper Skin’s premium sports grips across Canada and the U.S. This partnership comes at a time of increasing demand for Sniper Skin products, and will allow them to better service that demand to their customers. The product is expected to expand quickly to major retailers across Canada and the U.S.

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Introducing The Griptomizer! Design Your Own Sports Grip!

Introducing the GRIPtomizer!
Got a wild idea you'd like to see on your grip?
Create your own custom grip design using our griptomizer tool.
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How To Eat Healthy & Spend Less While Traveling for Youth Sports

Whether it’s travel ball or club sports, living on the road is a normal part of the sports family life. There are tournaments and events that can last up to several days! This type of mobile living can make eating healthy and cost effective meals very difficult for many families. With most options being the snack bar, fast food, or other restaurants, parents need to really think strategically if they want to keep their budgets, waistlines, and their kid’s nutrition in check. A taxing task indeed, but most definitely, not an impossible one! Read more..

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Spring season is drawing near, and team tryouts are in full swing. Trying out for any sport whether a veteran player, or a rookie, can be stressful on kids and parents alike.
Not making the team is a very real possibility, and the competition can be fierce. With this looming over the child's head, managing stress is crucial in making sure that tryouts go as smooth as can be. Kids will look to their parents for guidance, so it is equally as important that parents are able to manage their anxiety as well.
Here are some tips on how to prepare kids for tryouts, and how parents can also be at ease during the process.