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How To Keep Siblings Occupied at Games

If you have more than one child, you know the need to drag another kid with you to games is a very real thing. Most would rather do literally anything else than sit for hours in the blazing hot sun, stuffy court, or ice cold rink! Whatever the sport, it's a part of life for sports families; one sibling has games, the others must follow along.

Over the years I've learned a thing or two about how to keep said sibs busy, entertained, and even productive during games. First with a toddler at my older son's games, and now we've come full circle, with a teenager at my younger son's games. Whatever age the youngster may be, the list I've compiled below can help keep the "are we done yet?", or "this is sooooo boring" comments, at bay.

keep siblings occupied



Spring season is drawing near, and team tryouts are in full swing. Trying out for any sport whether a veteran player, or a rookie, can be stressful on kids and parents alike.
Not making the team is a very real possibility, and the competition can be fierce. With this looming over the child's head, managing stress is crucial in making sure that tryouts go as smooth as can be. Kids will look to their parents for guidance, so it is equally as important that parents are able to manage their anxiety as well.
Here are some tips on how to prepare kids for tryouts, and how parents can also be at ease during the process.  


Hockey Tournament Weekend Survival Guide 2018

Hockey tournaments are a big deal to hockey families. Unfortunately, veteran and newbie hockey families alike fall victim to the miseries of the hockey tournament weekend: forgotten equipment, scrambling for meals, getting lost on the way to the rink… just a few of the hockey tournament misfortunes that can befall the hopefully happy hockey tournament family. We've developed the ultimate guide to hockey tournament essentials. Read more...